Aspire Join Cash for Kids to Support Local Schools

Aspire Technology Solutions Ltd.BAUER_YOUR_METRO_LANDSCAPE_CMYKAN AWARD-WINNING technology company is planning to save the region’s schools thousands of pounds in costs – and boost a leading charity at the same time.

Aspire Technology Solutions based in Gateshead is offering educational establishments a free connectivity review, which has already saved schools as much as £50,000 over the length of the contract.

And those who sign up with the leading provider on the basis of the savings that can be made will also be able to support the charity, Cash for Kids.

Five per cent of the spend by schools – regardless of the length of time the contract is in place – will go directly to Cash for Kids, with a pledge the money raised will be spent in the North East.

“This is a great opportunity for cash-strapped schools to really save some money,” said Chris Ellaby, Channel Account Manager at Aspire.

“The schools we already work with have been absolutely staggered by the savings we can make, which in some cases has been as much as £50,000 over the term.

“There’s no cost to schools at all for going through a connectivity review and we are absolutely positive they’ll be delighted by what we can offer – particularly since they will also be able to support a really worthy cause.”

The company is also planning to expand the offer to include businesses and other charities which could benefit from a similar scheme.

“It’s an absolute win-win situation for schools,” said Chris.

“With budgets so tight a huge cash saving would be very welcome and we believe we can help provide this.”

Aspire Technology Solutions is an award-winning company based at Heworth Hall, Gateshead which offers a range of services including hosted services, data centre solutions, communications and IT support.

Aspire has clients across a number of sectors such as business, sport, law, waste management and entertainment.

Stephanie Simpson, Cash for Kids Regional Manager, said the charity was delighted to be working with Aspire.

“We can guarantee that any school that takes part will be supporting local children and families right here in their community,” she said.

“ Cash for Kids have a great relationship with many schools across the region who we support with back-to-school packs, Christmas presents, funding for arts and sports projects and similarly lots of schools support our charity with fundraising days too.

“We see this link with Aspire as a great way to strengthen that link and benefit the schools, as they can make huge savings on their tight budgets while also ticking their charity fundraising box too.”

Any school wanting to find out more should contact Aspire on 0330 124 2700.

For further details visit Cash For Kids

Cash for Kids works in the North East to respond to the needs of children in the local community so they can live life to the full and release their individual potential.


From Cash for Kids:


Imagine saving your school thousands of pounds in cash – who wouldn’t get a gold star for that?

And that’s exactly what schools across the region can do and boost Cash For Kids at the same time.

We’ve teamed up with Gateshead’s award-winning Aspire Technology Solutions to offer your establishment a free connectivity review.

And if you find that they can save you lots of money and you agree to sign up with them, they will donate 5 % of the value of your contract to Cash For Kids!

Aspire Technology Solutions is not only renowned for its services to organisations across every sector but for its ability to get schools the best possible deals for their connectivity.

And, in some cases, this has enabled them to save as much as £50,000 across the length of a contract.

Just think what your school could do with all that extra money – and there’s absolutely no catch.

To find out more call Aspire on 0330 124 2708 or click here to make sure you go straight to the top of the class!