Aspire steps in to help AYO customers

Aspire has stepped in to support companies affected by the closure of AYO Digital, which unexpectedly went into liquidation in October.

Aspire Technology Solutions is providing a seamless transition for more than 30 companies who’s hosting and connectivity services were affected by the closure.

AYO Digital, the web and technology firm, which was based in the Northern Design Centre in Gateshead suddenly went into liquidation with the loss of more than 30 jobs in late October, which resulted in uncertainty for its clients in the northeast and across the country.

Managing Director of Aspire, Nigel Begg said:

“It is always very sad to read about a local company going out of business and job losses, but we were also very conscious of the many companies that AYO Digital supported and the potential impact on their business.

“It was important for their customers to have any uncertainty about their hosting and connectivity removed quickly given the potential impact and a seamless transition to another supplier sorted fast to avoid interruption to their business.

“We are pleased to be providing the hosting and connectivity services for 30+ new customers nationally.”