The Internet has become an indispensable business tool, providing everything from routine functionality such as email and web browsing through to engaging remote workers with video conferencing and collaboration applications.

Aspire can deliver a number of connectivity options designed to meet your business needs and provide high performance Internet access. Protecting your internet access is also key, so we can provide cloud-based email security and content filtering. This not only protects your network but also frees up bandwidth on your internet connection by eliminating unwanted virus and spam emails before they even touch your connection.

Leased Lines

Our point-to-point Leased Line connections (sometimes known as Private Circuits) deliver dedicated, always-on fixed bandwidth connectivity between two points to transport data, internet or voice traffic.

Leased Lines provide a guaranteed level of service and speed, offering fast data transfer over a completely secure connection at a price that can be very cost effective for heavy internet users.

Business Broadband

Our Business Broadband ADSL service is ideal for those wishing to connect small to medium sized offices and/or remote workers to either the corporate network or to the Internet.

EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile)

EFM is successfully extending the reach of powerful Ethernet services to many more businesses by offering an alternative to both Business Broadband and Leased Lines.

Put simply, EFM is a high speed (up to 20Mb/s*), synchronous and uncontended internet connection designed for those businesses that require a higher bandwidth than is achievable on traditional ADSL products but at a more competitive price point compared to other fibre-based Ethernet services.

Unlike a traditional leased line which uses fibre to connect to the local exchange, EFM uses bundles of copper pairs, which in turn results in lower deployment costs, higher resilience and a faster installation time. Speeds are also symmetrical, so unlike a broadband connection you get the same upload speed as download.

* The speed depends on your distance from the local exchange