Virtualisation – the process of running multiple business applications and operating systems within a virtual environment – is an important and growing trend and many UK businesses are now incorporating virtual solutions as part of their IT strategy.

Virtualisation enables you to do more with less and is therefore rapidly transforming the IT landscape and fundamentally changing the way that businesses operate. It not only provides significant cost savings, it also contributes to green initiatives, disaster recovery solutions and is a ‘must have’ for business continuity planning.

As businesses grow they need to rapidly add computing power and this is usually achieved by installing new servers, each running their own set of applications and operating systems. This becomes increasingly expensive in terms of capital cost, human resources, power and space.

Virtualisation is a proven technology which enables one computer to perform the functions of many, by sharing resources across multiple environments and is therefore helping businesses to put an end to these spiralling costs.

As a fully-accredited VMware® Professional Partner and a Citrix® Service Provider, Aspire can provide you with a range of virtualisation services, from initial capacity planning to installation, configuration and ongoing support.

Principle reasons to virtualise

  • Server consolidation leads to significantly higher resource utilisation
  • Infrastructure cost savings resulting from a reduced number of physical servers
  • Operational flexibility and responsiveness
  • Increased application availability and improved business continuity by eliminating planned downtime and enhancing backup and recovery times
  • Simplified desktop management
  • Scalability; a virtualised environment can grow as your business does