Minimise security threats and manage productivity loss due to personal web usage

The majority of businesses allow their workforce to access the internet, yet most freely acknowledge that this resource is widely abused on a daily basis.

Current legislation requires all organisations to take action and enforce an appropriate Internet Access Policy and failure to do so will leave senior management potentially liable for the outcome of any breaches that come to light.

Content Filtering from Aspire gives you the control and protection that your business needs, ensuring that the internet is used correctly and productively on both fixed and mobile devices, and that malicious software is removed.

Our Content Filtering service enables you to manage all aspects of your Internet Access Policy and because it’s offered as a hosted deployment, there are no servers for you to install, manage and maintain.

Content Filtering ensures that your business avoids any legal liability issues that may be brought about by members of staff viewing and downloading illegal or inappropriate material.

Meanwhile, security threats are prevented from entering your network via web traffic and application control enables you to manage productivity loss due to personal web usage.

Benefits of Content Filtering

  • Global, Group and Per User Filtering

    Automatic and timely updates eliminate the need for ongoing manual tuning and maintenance.

  • Malicious Content Scanning

    Our anti-spam solution delivers real-time visibility of who is sending email at any given time. It also alerts administrators to suspicious traffic so that they can take immediate action.

  • Customisable filtering policies

    Allows administrators to track and trace any message that has passed through the anti-spam solution both quickly and easily.

  • Application control

    Prevent the use of peer-to-peer and Instant Messaging applications used to download illegal or infected files. Application Control enables you to manage loss of network performance due to excessive non-work use of streaming media applications.

  • Customisable reporting

    Detailed reports enable you to maintain oversight of your policy performance.