Aspire’s Hosted Voice solutions provide significant call and equipment cost savings

Aspire’s hosted voice solution provides you with a fully managed end-to-end IP telephony service. This in turn, offers significant call and equipment cost savings as well as a feature-rich service for users.

Unlike the traditional approach of installing a physical PBX system at each site, all telephony switching equipment is hosted in our secure, highly available data centre facility at Doxford Park in Sunderland. This enables Aspire to manage and maintain the service on your behalf, thereby doing away with the ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs of a typical PBX.

Essentially, hosted voice is a cost-effective way to quickly gain the benefits of convergence, without the upheaval or cost. And, because it is billed as a recurring monthly cost per user with the ability to add or delete users at any time, it gives you greater control over your operating costs because you only pay for the resources that you use. This pay as you go format enables you to quickly and easily scale up or down to suit your business, resulting in predictable monthly expenditure and no hidden costs.

Hosted voice for Business Continuity
Our hosted voice service should be considered as part of your Business Continuity strategy. In the event of a site outage, incoming calls can be quickly re-routed to any PSTN or mobile number via a few clicks on a web page, and staff can work from home until alternative arrangements are available.

Benefits Aspire’s Hosted Voice solution

  • No capital cost

    No capital cost required for hardware and/or installation

  • Flexible solution

    Additional users and lines can be added or removed at any time

  • Reduced costs

    Traditional line rental costs are halved thanks to the use of SIP trunks

  • Work from anywhere

    Consistent functionality for end users regardless of their location

  • Fully managed service

    Aspire’s hosted voice platform is a fully managed service, so there are no ongoing maintenance and upgrade charges

  • Disaster Recovery

    Aspire’s hosted voice platform is fully resiliant and hosted in our own data centres