Ensure that your business critical data remains safe and secure at all times

Aspire can deliver a range of corporate-level backup and recovery services to ensure that your business critical data remains safe and secure at all times.

The operational and financial implications of lost data can be catastrophic to a business yet many still rely on the traditional and somewhat cumbersome process of tape-based backup. Not only is this method time-consuming, costly and person dependent, statistics show that 40% of tape restores fail.

Our Online Backup service removes the inefficiencies and risk associated with tape backup and instead focuses on the ability to restore data when it is needed, to a location where it can be used within a timescale that is acceptable to your business.

  • More productive use of IT resources

    Our online backup solution runs quietly in the background, removing the need for any human intervention

  • Operational efficiencies and cost savings

    Even though you will have to pay a monthly fee for your online cloud backup subscription, utilising Aspire’s online backup solution brings considerable cost savings since you do not have the cost of tape drives, tapes, backup software and servers

  • Reduced risk and additional compliance

    24/7 access to your business critical data

  • Peace of mind

    Aspire’s online backup gives you peace of mind. You will no longer have to worry about backing up your data and the safety of your backup media. As your online backup provider Aspire will take care of this for you

Whether you are looking to back up your servers, computer networks or laptops, we can provide a flexible, reliable and cost-effective data protection service that saves you the time and cost associated with traditional tape backup methods. There is no capital outlay, no costly service contracts and no need for end user intervention; we manage the whole system on your behalf for a minimal monthly fee.

Customised Retention
We can match your current backup retention with our flexible service keeping your data for as long as your business requires. We offer time-based retention which allows you to select the number of weeks we hold your data for.

How does it work?
Our Online Backup service sends incremental data securely via the internet from your servers and/or computers to our enterprise-class data centre facility located at Doxford International Business Park in Sunderland.

This is programmed to run automatically as often as you require without the need for technical assistance and is monitored by a central management system for success and failure.

All data is transmitted and subsequently stored in an encrypted format using one of the standard encryption algorithms, namely AES 128, AES 192 and AES 256 bit.

In the event of a disaster, a simple point and click operation via our user-friendly backup software enables you to restore your data quickly and easily, thereby ensuring that your business experiences minimum downtime. And, should the original server be unavailable, we can restore to an alternative location or a hosted server.

Aspire Cloud Backup FAQ

How does Aspire’s online cloud backup work?

Simply install the software on your computer or server, select the files you want to back up, and then never worry about data loss again. Once you set it up, Aspire cloud backup automatically backs up your data for you at regular intervals, customised to suit your needs.

How do I know my data is safe and secure?

Aspire’s cloud backup operates a double encryption policy – at source and during transit. Your files are encrypted on your computer using a 448-bit Blowfish encryption and then are transferred to the data centre using 128-bit SSL encryption, the industry standard for safe and secure data transfer.

Once in the data centre, your data is stored in its encrypted state with 24/7/365 onsite monitoring and security, state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems, redundant power distribution units! Rest assured, your data will be safe.

Are there any installation costs?

Unlike other providers there are no installation or upfront cost associated with the Aspire cloud backup service. You simply sign up and pay a regular monthly subscription across the lifetime of the service.

How long do you keep my files?

Aspire online backup keeps your files safe until you choose to remove them from the backup or need to restore them. Once removed from the backup or deleted from your machine, your files will still be available for 30 days.

How long will my initial backup take?

Initial backups can take a long time to complete if you have a large amount of files

If you have a large amount of data to backup and are concerned about the duration, consider using our Data Shuttle service.

Can I add additional storage space?

Yes, Aspire cloud backup is built with the flexibility to upgrade your storage capacity at any time

What happens if I lose connection to the internet during a backup?

There’s no need to worry, the next time you perform a backup Aspire cloud backup simply continues where it left off so your files, and any previous versions, are still protected.

Our satisfied customers

Our previous backup system was simply too complex to be relied upon, but after subscribing to Aspire Cloud Backup we are able to restore files with ease.

As an example of it’s effectiveness we have restored entire failed systems following a critical hardware failure, which would have been otherwise catastrophic for us. Our important back-office system was restored from a very recent backup and was up and running in Aspire’s cloud environment within less than one hour from the failure. Now that’s impressive!

David RawlinsonIT Director