Virtual desktop solutions to help businesses reduce their total cost of ownership and enable anytime, anywhere access

A virtual desktop dramatically reduces the administration and support overheads associated with deploying, maintaining and managing individual PC’s/devices and allows you to centralise the desktop interface by using virtual clients.

These virtual clients sit on central servers (either located on premise or in a data centre) and deliver the desktop interface as a remote application with levels of availability and reliability unmatched by traditional PCs. By enabling secure access to applications and data on any device, when and where the user needs it, VDI successfully provides the highest levels of mobility and flexibility.

Using a VDI solution, Aspire can essentially decouple your software from its underlying PC hardware and move it to a virtual environment within one of our ISO 27001 accredited data centres, thereby transforming the desktop into an on-demand service that is available to any end user, anywhere, on any device.

As a result, instead of juggling multiple desktops, your IT department can manage and update your operating system and applications once, from one location via a powerful administrative console that provides oversight of all desktop services. This in turn simplifies the execution of previously cumbersome tasks such as provisioning, updates and patches into a few clicks of a mouse.

The benefits of a Virtual Desktop are far more than simply improving business productivity through instant access and flexibility. There are significant cost benefits too, moving from a hardware based business to a subscription based business means your IT costs are predictable.

Benefits of Virtual Desktops

  • Extended refresh cycle for desktop PC’s

    PC’s can be replaced with lower cost thin-client hardware

  • Lower cost of new application deployment

    Virtual Desktops vastly reduce the complexity involved in provisioning new desktop applications, reducing administration and support costs.

  • Users can access their desktop from any compatible device

    i.e. laptop, notebook, smartphone or thin client

  • Predictable IT costs

    Moving from a hardware to a subscription based business model means your IT costs are predictable.