Disaster Recovery in the Digital World

Disaster Recovery Backup
Disaster Recovery Backup

A recent report found that a quarter of businesses don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place. Of those who do, more than half don’t test it regularly, and a third had never tested it all. In our digital era, this reckless attitude is naïve at best and negligent at worst.

A Costly Mistake

With an ever-growing dependence on IT systems, companies need to take their disaster recovery plans seriously. Downtime can be a costly problem for businesses of all types. In March 2015 Apple suffered a downtime that led to an estimated loss of $25m. 2 Years later Amazon Web Services lost an estimated $160m due to an employee-induced downtime. Another 2 years after that, In March 2019, a 14 hour outage cost Facebook an estimated $90m. Whilst far from happy, the Amazons, Apples and Facebooks of the world can stomach this level of loss, but could an SME withstand a similar event? In a study conducted by CB Insights, they found that 29% of startups fail due to a lack of cash. Small businesses are already at a great financial risk, why take a greater risk by not investing in disaster recovery?

Productivity Woes

When disaster hits, it isn’t just about the money. IT downtime comes with a host of indirect costs; mainly the effects that it has on your team. A study by UC Irvine found that, on average, it takes 23 minutes for someone to refocus after an interruption. At nearly half an hour, that’s a sizable chunk of the work day gone, on top of however long it takes to fix the problem at hand. Prolonged or frequent interruptions don’t just frustrate staff, they can lead to faltering moral and, at worst, high staff turnover.

Another factor most don’t consider when eschewing disaster recovery planning is the impact it can have on reputational damage and customer churn. If your business is experiencing periods of unplanned downtime, it can be seen to be unreliable and, to some, an unprofessional organisation. It doesn’t matter if you have a killer product or service to offer; if people can’t get in touch with you then it doesn’t matter.

Aspire Can Help

In this day and age, having a disaster recovery plan in place shouldn’t be a luxury; it’s an absolute necessity. In the world of business, there are many things that are out of our control, so why add another? A thorough plan allows you confront the unexpected with mitigated risk and minimized downtime whilst remaining compliant and ensuring the safety of your customers’ records.

At Aspire, we can help you implement a thorough and robust disaster recovery solution, allowing you to avoid lengthy and costly downtime should the worst happen. Read more about our Disaster Recovery offer by clicking here. Got a question about any of our products? Head over to our Contact page and get in touch.

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