As the first line of defence, a hosted firewall is fundamental to protect network traffic and business data.

Without a firewall in place, your business and its data is at risk from unauthorised access. With new cyber security threats emerging daily, it is vital that your business is equipped with an effective and up to date hosted firewall.

Hosted FirewallAspire’s managed hosted firewall is fully maintained by our technical specialists, giving you peace of mind and removing the requirement for you to manage your own firewall equipment.


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Features & Benefits?


Best possible protection – our Hosted Firewall removes the requirement for you to purchase your own expensive hardware. It can also reduce the cost of keeping it up to date


Rapid Fix – Aspire’s hosted firewall allows us to rapidly resolve any issues and removes the need for any new equipment to be shipped to site or for an engineer to visit


Keep Up to date – Aspire in-house engineers ensure that the you always have the most up to date protection


Additional services such as VPN and content filtering can be added

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