Hosted voice is a cost-effective way to quickly gain the benefits of convergence, without the upheaval or cost.

Billed as a recurring monthly, per user, cost and with the ability to add or delete users at any time, Hosted Voice gives you greater control over your operating costs because you only pay for the resources that you use.

This pay as you go format enables you to quickly and easily scale up or down to suit your business, resulting in predictable monthly expenditure and no hidden costs.

Aspire’s hosted voice solutions includes a fully managed end-to-end IP telephony service. This in turn, offers significant call and equipment cost savings as well as a feature-rich service for users.

Unlike the traditional approach of installing a physical PBX system at each site, a Hosted Voice solution sees all telephony switching equipment hosted in our Data Centre network. We are then able to manage and maintain the service on your behalf.


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Why Aspire for Telephony Solutions?


Aspire built it’s reputation providing telephony solutions.


Aspire partners with a range of world-class manufacturers such as Mitel and Microsoft (Skype for Business).


Aspire supplies and support a full range of telephony systems that can be tailored to your needs.


Aspire Voice & Telephony Services have a Net Promoter Score of over +80.

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