Delivered from multiple world-class datacentres and built with leading edge compute, network and storage hardware, the Aspire Private Cloud is an always available, secure hosting environment that you can rely on.

Virtualising your infrastructure can apply to applications, servers, storage, and networks. It is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility for any size business.

Powered by VMware , Aspire Private Cloud is the core platform behind Aspire’s virtualised Hosted Services. Consisting of multiple enterprise-class datacentres throughout the UK and connected via our 1tbps resilient core network, Aspire Private Cloud delivers ground-breaking performance combined with effective resilience and advanced security.

Aspire Private Cloud provides a highly scalable and flexible cloud hosting service that organisations can use to complement or replace their on-premise or public cloud infrastructure.

Whether you’re looking to totally outsource your infrastructure and business critical applications, or if you are interested in hybrid configurations with some services remaining on-premise or in the public cloud, Aspire Private Cloud is completely adaptable to your IT needs and requirements.

How It Works

Aspire Private Cloud is a hosting environment for you to virtualise your infrastructure. From our Private Cloud, we can offer various hosted solutions, including.

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

The open-sourced nature of our cloud means we can be completely flexible to work with your environment. Hybrid configurations between your on-premise infrastructure, public cloud and the Aspire Private Cloud are also fully compatible.

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man in white shirt using a phone
man in white shirt using a phone

Advantages & Benefits of Aspire Private Cloud


Active-active Technology

Made possible with our privately-owned 1Tbps core network, Aspire offers active-active technology between our Gateshead and Stellium datacentres to ensure high availability, reliability, and resilience for your systems and applications.


Self-service Functionality

Self-service functionality provides you with complete control over your services and infrastructure, allowing you to configure and manage your entire virtual environment, all at the click of a button via the Aspire Customer Portal.


‘World Class’ Datacentres

With the addition of Stellium datacentre, Aspire now has presence in the UK’s newest Internet Exchange Point and largest purpose-built data centre campus, offering 24/7 security, tier 3 technology and green power linked direct to the 275KV National Grid.

“Aspire have consistently tried to deliver over and above our expectations – and they have succeeded. An experienced and forward-thinking organisation that are always easy to work with. We are safe in the knowledge that the experts at Aspire are taking care of our IT needs which ensures we can concentrate on providing our customers with the best possible service”

IT Manager

Nixon Hire

Why Aspire for Private Cloud?


24/7 Support

Immediate access to our 24/7 UK-based engineering team.


Dedicated Service Management

Our Service Account Managers work with you on your strategic goals.


Datacentre Network

Our Cloud Hosting services are secured by our privately-owned UK-wide Data Centre and IP Core Network.


World Class Service

Services are underpinned by our unbeatable IT Support Solutions, best illustrated by our Net Promoter Score which averages +82, and is deemed ‘world-class’.

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