On-demand Webinar – Protecting your organisation from cyber threats

According to the latest Cyber Security Breaches Survey, 40% of UK businesses reported a cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months. The risk of a cyber attack is higher than ever before. Having an effective cyber security strategy is critical to protecting your organisation against threats.

Cyber security is a critical concern for any business, but if you don’t take the appropriate steps it could compromise everything from your relationship with customers to intellectual property and even employee safety.

Delivered by Aspire’s own Security and Product teams, this webinar will cover best-practice tips on the most effective ways to keep your organisation secure. As the threat landscape becomes more sophisticated and cyber attacks more frequent and effective, IT professionals need to embrace new strategies for securing and protecting business data. With over 16 years of experience, Aspire will give an insight into best practices learned through the years to help you identify threats to your business so that you can implement solutions now and in the future.

The session will cover:

  • Security priorities for SME’s
  • The real cost of security
  • Automation to deliver best-in-class security and compliance
  • Best practices for incident response
  • An overview of the latest solutions to meet your security requirements

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