Aspire and North East Automotive Alliance – Technology Support Webinar Series.

The modern workplace: addressing remote working security challenges to ensure your business remains protected

Thursday 10 December 2020, 10:00 – 10:40

About this event:
Covid-19 has brought about major changes for businesses today. Remote working presents business leaders with tough security challenges to ensure devices and data remain protected.

We are partnering with the North East Automotive Alliance to deliver a range of technology support webinars. In this webinar, David Bennett, Account Director at Aspire Technology Solutions and Louisa Bastin, Business Development Manager at TechData will discuss the common security challenges of remote working and advise on key Microsoft Office 365 functionality that can help. Whether you are already working with Microsoft Office 365, or if you are looking to understand more about what it can do for your organisation, this webinar is for you.


  • How SME’s are adapting to the new normal
  • Managing your remote workforce: common security challenges
  • Microsoft Office 365 features to ensure secure remote working
  • Audience Q&A