At Aspire, we are launching a major plan to boost business connectivity across the North East. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we are offering North East businesses significantly reduced rates on our UDC (Ultrafast Dedicated Connectivity) leased line solutions. Our UDC solutions are the fastest available in the country: speeds range from 10Mbps to 100Gbps.

What is the UDC leased line offer?

  • 12 months free on a new 5-year UDC leased line contract (6-year term)
  • 6 months free on a new 3-year UDC leased line contract (3.5-year term)
  • The free term includes standard installation and full rental costs*

The offer equates to savings of over 16.5% on each contract and is available to North East businesses until 31 December 2020. To provide extra flexibility, your go-live date can be anytime until 30 June 2021.

Our offer is intended to help businesses increase efficiency and improve productivity during the current difficult climate.

*In certain circumstances, any construction work that falls outside of a standard installation may result in Excess Construction Charges (ECCs). If applicable, you can choose to include the ECCs in your contract term to spread the cost.

What exactly is a UDC leased line?

UDC (Ultrafast Dedicated Connectivity) is an ultra-low latency, next generation leased line solution which enables businesses to scale their connectivity with their own private internet line:

  • UDC solutions provide better reliability and dependable ultra-fast speeds – enabling staff to work more productively.
  • 10Mb to 100Gb connections are available, backed by our 24/7 UK-based support team – this ensures any issues are resolved around the clock.
  • Each UDC leased line connection is dedicated, meaning you don’t share your bandwidth with any other company or location.
  • UDC has symmetrical speeds, you will get the same ultra-fast speeds on both upload and download.
  • UDC allows businesses to take a huge step forward in their communication and cloud capabilities, ensuring they are fully future-proofed.

How can I apply for free UDC connectivity?

It’s pretty simple really. If you are interested in our offer, click the button below to complete a quick form. We will then send you a no-obligation quote.

As part of our commitment to reward customer loyalty, current customers who already have a UDC contract will be offered special renewal rates to ensure all customers will benefit.

Why are Aspire offering free UDC connectivity?

We know how difficult the current climate is for businesses across the North East as they adapt to the new normal and we want to offer support where we can. Businesses are returning to the workplace post lockdown. For many this will be a hybrid of employees working between the home and the office. Being connected to a reliable network is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.

For those businesses that have been unable to invest in ultra-fast connectivity, their customer service and staff productivity levels are at a clear disadvantage to competitors with faster and more efficient networks. We are passionate about helping businesses across the North East get connected. Our reduced prices and no up-front costs for up to a year will enable businesses to take advantage of world-class connectivity, at a time when it is most needed.

Aspire’s Channel Partner Network

Aspire’s Channel Partner Network supports reseller partners to maximise opportunities and generate new revenue streams. Our extensive range of connectivity and cloud hosted services means our partners can supply their own customers with the most effective technology solutions to meet their specific needs. As a strategic partner to the world’s largest fibre-carriers, we are now the preferred connectivity and hosted services provider to over 1,500 enterprise clients.

If you are a current partner and would like to find out more about our UDC offer, or, if you are interested in becoming a partner, please click the link below.