Managed Cyber Security Services

Our managed cyber security services prevent, detect, and respond to threats 24/7/365. Leaving your IT team to focus on what they do best.

  • Advanced threat protection tailored to your organisation
  • Instant access to UK-based security team
  • Access to expert remediation with augmented teams

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Award winning cyber security services delivered by Aspire's 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre

Did you know 1/3rd of UK businesses reported a cyber breach or attack in the last 12 months? *UK Gov

With the ever increasing sophistication of attacks, having effective cyber security is more crucial than ever. However, running security operations in-house can be costly and complex.

At Aspire, we offer a range of managed cyber security services to mitigate all forms of online threats.

From fully managed 24/7/365 services to integratable and scalable next-gen tools, we will work with you to design and implement a full security solution.

Whether you’re looking to entirely outsource your security or need additional resource to support your internal team, our security operations centre are on-hand to help.

Aspire Managed Cyber Security

Start protecting your organisation today

Start protecting your organisation today

Working with Aspire for Managed Cyber Security

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Security Expertise

Aspire benefits from over 15 years of experience in managed cyber security, as well as strategic partnerships with leading vendors, such as CrowdStrike, Microsoft and Sophos.

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Security Accredited

Security and compliance are very important to us. We are certified with security accreditations including ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus.

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24/7/365 Protection

As your chosen cyber security partner, Aspire will provide 24/7/365 services with a dedicated 24/7 support team to keep your organisation secure around the clock.

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World Class Service

All services are underpinned by our unbeatable support services. This is best illustrated by our Net Promoter Score which averages +83, deemed ‘world-class’.

With gold-standard accreditations and partnerships with industry leading providers, Aspire offers world class cyber security services.

What are Cyber Security Managed Services?

Cyber Security Managed Services are the strategic implementation and management of dedicated security technologies to defend against cyber security threats.

With cyber-attacks becoming more sophisticated every year, it's becoming increasingly difficult for companies to stay protected. Traditional security controls are no longer enough to prevent serious data breaches. Without the expertise or capacity in-house, cyber security management just isn't possible.

That's why many companies choose to outsource cyber security services to a dedicated cyber security services provider, such as Aspire. We can strengthen your security stack with tailored solutions, ensuring your organisation's information and client data are secured from cyber threats.

The 3 fundamentals of cyber security management include:

  • Preventing threats before they become an issue through people, processes and technology.
  • Detecting potential cyber threats through leading edge threat intelligence and analytics.
  • Responding to and containing threats to ensure your organisation remains secure.

Working with a cyber security services provider means you can be assured your security is always working to protect your organisation.

Our 24/7/365 security operations centre ensures your organisation is constantly being protected, no matter the time of day.

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Security Operations Centre
Security Operations Centre

Benefits of Managed Cyber Security Services

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Experience On Hand

Monitoring and managing your security in-house can be complex, time consuming and costly. That's why you need the right combination of people, processes and technology for an effective security strategy.

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Next-Gen Solutions

By using a managed security service provider (MSSP) such as Aspire, you can access the latest next-gen security tools delivered by experts.

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24/7/365 Protection

Not all attacks occur within 9-5 working hours, meaning 24/7 management and response is a must. That's exactly what our Security Operations Center team does, giving you total peace of mind.

Unsure which solution is right for you?

Talk to one of our cyber security experts who can guide you through our products and solutions


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does your SOC team handle all security events?

    Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a dedicated team of cyber security specialists, who are ready to support your organisation. They can monitor and manage of your security infrastructure and fully manage any incidents that might occur. Their main functions of a SOC include:

    > Monitoring and Detection
    > Incident Response and Threat Hunting
    > Threat Intelligence
    > Detection Engineering

  • What is the cost of Cyber Security Managed Services?

    We offer flexible pricing options depending on your requirements. From fully managed services to stand alone security tools, we can provide a cost effective solution for your organisation. You can contact us directly to request a quote.

  • Is reporting provided?

    Yes, we offer a full report breakdown from each event our team handles. This includes timelines and actions taken from all events.

  • What tools do you provide?

    We offer a range of advanced security tools to ensure the best level of protection for your organisation. We work with a range of industry leading suppliers to provide best-in-class cyber security tools. These include best in class managed detection & response and SIEM tools.

  • Why do organisations need a managed cyber security service?

    The cyber security landscape has never been more troubling. The repercussions of cyber attacks can be devastating for organisations. From data loss, damage to reputation, loss of organisation, to the complete prevention of operations, the consequences can be devastating. That's why defending against modern threats is critical.

    By handing the management and maintenance to a security services provider, you can be assured that your protection is always leading edge and always monitored.

  • Do you offer incident response management?

    Yes, all our RealProtect managed security services include Aspire's Cyber Incident Response service as standard. Meaning in the event of a major security incident, we can immediately begin to contain and eradicate threats.

  • Do you provide vulnerability scanning?

    Yes, we provide managed vulnerability scanning as a service and which is included in our RealProtect Complete Managed Security package.

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