As the first line of defence, a hosted firewall is fundamental to protect your network traffic and business data.

Without a firewall in place, your business and your data are at risk from unauthorised access. With new cyber security threats emerging daily, it is vital that your business is equipped with an effective and up to date hosted firewall.

Aspire’s Hosted Firewall range offers next-generation protection to expose hidden risks, block both known and unknown threats, and automatically respond to incidents. With synchronised security and centralised management, our security management platform provides a single pane of glass to not only manage your firewalls, but also your full portfolio of security solutions.

With a dedicated Network Support Team, Aspire’s managed Hosted Firewall is a fully managed solution that gives you peace of mind knowing your infrastructure is protected and removes the requirement for you to manage your own firewall equipment.

As an accredited Sophos partner, Aspire can assist with all of your security needs and provide your business with an on-premise or cloud Hosted Firewall solution, delivered from the Aspire Private Cloud.

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Aspire Hosted Firewall: How it works

Aspire Hosted Firewall offers you next-generation network protection without requiring you to install any physical hardware on-site.

Delivered from the Aspire Private Cloud, all of your network traffic will route via the Hosted Firewall located in our enterprise-class datacentres, providing you with leading-edge security without the limitations of an on-site appliance.

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Advantages of Aspire Hosted Firewall:


Monthly Billing Model:

Our Hosted Firewall removes the requirement for you to purchase your own expensive hardware and is available with a cost-effective price per-month billing model.


Centralised Management:

Manage all of your IT security protection through a single cloud-based platform with a centralised dashboard to consolidate all of your alerts and reports.


Synchronised Security:

Our Hosted Firewall seamlessly integrates with our Endpoint Protection to improve visibility, protection and response.

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Why Aspire for Hosted Firewall?

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Aspire Expertise:

Aspire is an accredited Sophos partner with over 15 years of experience in implementing and managing cyber security solutions.

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24/7 Support:

Immediate access to our UK-based 24/7 engineering team.

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Dedicated Service Management:

Our dedicated team are always on hand to support, working with you to ensure that your critical systems are protected.

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‘World Class’ Service:

Our services are underpinned by our unbeatable IT Support Solutions, best illustrated by our Net Promoter Score which averages +87, and is deemed ‘world-class’.

“Great service. Very helpful.”

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