Leading Edge Wi-Fi Solutions that offer reliable and fast network speeds, with 100% coverage for all of your devices.

With the rise in BYOD (bring your own device) environments and cloud services now available on mobile devices, organisations need wireless connectivity to support mobility and provide high-speed connectivity that is both reliable and secure.

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Powered by leading Wireless vendors including Extreme Networks, Aspire offers Wi-Fi Solutions aimed at providing the best user experience by combining functionality and ease-of-use with fast speeds and high coverage. Delivered by our highly skilled Professional Services team, our Wi-Fi solutions are bespoke and designed to meet your connectivity needs and requirements.

Available as a managed service with 24/7 support, Aspire can monitor, manage and support all aspects of your network infrastructure, allowing you to focus your organisation without worrying about your IT and network connectivity.

Advantages of Aspire Wi-Fi Solutions:


Flexible and Scalable:

Flexible Wi-Fi solutions that are designed to meet your connectivity needs and requirements, with scalability to meet network demand as your business grows.


Cloud-Based Management:

Manage your wireless network from anywhere with a cloud-based management console that is highly available and accessible anytime, anywhere.


Monitoring and Reporting:

Receive full in-depth reporting and analytics from your wireless network which show performance statistics, trends and business insight.


Leading Edge Technology:

Aspire Wi-Fi solutions use leading edge technology to provide you with all of the latest functionality and features.


Self-service Functionality:

Self-service functionality gives you visibility and management over your wireless network setup and configuration.


Highly Secure:

Aspire Wi-Fi solutions are designed with the latest security practices in mind, and features products that extend wireless security beyond rogue detection and mitigation to include wireless threat detection.

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Why Aspire for Wi-Fi Solutions?

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Dedicated Network Team:

24/7/365 support and monitoring via our dedicated Network Support Team.

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Our service is underpinned by our unbeatable IT Support Solutions, best illustrated by our NPS (Net Promoter Score) which averages +83, and is deemed ‘world-class’.

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With over 15 years of experience in implementing and supporting wireless solutions for businesses, we can work with you to provide a complete Wi-Fi solution to provide super-fast connectivity to all your devices.

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Single Point of Contact:

Aspire offers a range of connectivity solutions and technology services and can be your single point of contact for all of your IT needs and requirements.

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"Customers expect wi-fi as a utility. We chose Aspire because of their knowledge of the marketplace, their solution and what was going to be the best all-round package for our customers. From end to end there was clear accountability, clear delivery and clear support."

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