Penetration Testing Services

Uncover vulnerabilities, fortify defenses, and secure your digital assets. Our expert team provide comprehensive assessments to safeguard your infrastructure.

  • Fortify your security posture with tailored guidance
  • Access a UK-based security team for immediate support
  • Pinpoint vulnerabilities with meticulous testing

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Uncover Vulnerabilities

Our experts meticulously assess and expose vulnerabilities, providing you with a roadmap to enhance your cybersecurity defenses.

Remediate Issues

At Aspire we go beyond identification, offering strategic solutions to address vulnerabilities and fortify your systems. Proactive risk management ensures a resilient and secure digital environment.

Achieve Compliance

Our comprehensive assessments not only identify vulnerabilities but also provide tailored recommendations to meet regulatory requirements, giving you confidence in your cybersecurity posture.

Ensure systems are secure and data is protected with our comprehensive penetration testing services

Implementing robust security is no small feat.

Securing your organisation’s systems and maintaining processes safeguard your ability to operate.

But like all systems, security needs maintaining and re-assessing to ensure its continued effectiveness.

Penetration testing proactively evaluates your existing security measures by simulating real-work attacks to test defenses and identify weaknesses. They pinpoint vulnerabilities in networks, infrastructure, systems and applications.

Aspire’s team of experts are on-hand to provide robust penetration testing services, provide clear remediation guidance and prevent cyber criminals accessing your systems.

Aspire penetration testing services

Our Penetration Testing Services Effectively Identify

Weak Authentication
Malicious Processes
Access Control Issues
Network Vulnerabilities
Application Security Flaws
+ More…

Working with Aspire for Penetration Testing Services

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Certified Security Expertise

Aspire benefits from over 15 years of experience in managed cyber security. We are certified with security accreditations including ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus.

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Expert Remediation

As a managed service provider, Aspire are positioned to help fully remediate any vulnerabilities or incidents. From data recovery to supplying hardware, our experts are on hand.

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Testing available all hours

Our services operate 24/7/365 meaning we can run tests at a time that suits you.

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World Class Service

All services are underpinned by our unbeatable support services. This is best illustrated by our Net Promoter Score which averages +83, deemed ‘world-class’.


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From planning to remediation, our technical experts are on hand to support you every step of the way. Uncover vulnerabilities, fortify defenses, and secure your digital assets.

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Our Penetration Testing Services

Attack Surface Assessments

Focusing on reconnaissance, we uncover potential entry points and vulnerabilities across your digital landscape with our Attack Surface Assessments. We analyse and map your organisation’s attack surface, providing a holistic view of potential risks and weaknesses.

External Perimeter Review

Safeguard your digital borders with our External Perimeter Review. We scrutinise and fortify the outer defenses of your network, identifying vulnerabilities and ensuring a robust defense against external threats.

Internal Security Review

Strengthen your internal defenses through our Internal Security Review. We delve into your organisation’s internal network, identifying vulnerabilities and providing recommendations to fortify against potential threats originating from within.

Cloud Infrastructure Security Review

Elevate your cloud security posture with our Cloud Infrastructure Security Review. Our experts assess and enhance the security of your cloud-based infrastructure, ensuring that data and applications remain protected in the dynamic cloud environment.

Device Build & Config Review

Enhance the security of your devices with our Device Build & Configuration services. We meticulously review and optimise the setup and configuration of your devices, ensuring they align with industry best practices and security standards for robust protection against cyber threats.

Penetration Testing That Helps Identify AND Remediate

“From the minute we started talking to Aspire, they started listening to us, they didn’t try to sell us an off-the -shelf product. They listed to our exact requirements. I see Aspire as an extension of my It team now and I also see them as friends.”


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“Aspire have consistently tried to deliver over and above our expectations – and they have succeeded. An experienced and forward-thinking organisation that are always easy to work with. We are safe in the knowledge that the experts at Aspire are taking care of our IT needs which ensures we can concentrate on providing our customers with the best possible service”


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“Aspire provide everything we need from an IT partner and more. They ensure that we have a secure network and effective management systems to run our business, this enables us to continue to provide the best service for our customers. From the outset our experience of working with Aspire has been first-class. Everyone across the company is dedicated towards delivering a fantastic service.”


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