Quality is a big word at Aspire. Only 7 letters, but if we were playing scrabble, it would be the highest scoring word we could play and it drives everything we do.

At Aspire, Quality encompasses:

  • The Quality of our culture
  • The Quality of our staff
  • The Quality of our products and services
  • The Quality of our business management
  • The Quality of our security management
  • The Quality or our…quality management
Quality & Compliance

But what is Quality?

In order to manage quality effectively, we needed to define what quality means to us – which was a tricky one, there are many definitions of what quality means, we chose the ISO standard that’s gives a very concise definition: “quality – the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfils requirements”.

& Compliance?

That’s slightly easier to define, as: “Adhering to the requirements of the standards we work to”.

Business Management System

We achieve all the above by maintaining a bespoke Business Management System (BMS) that sets the standard for how the entire business runs and interacts.  Our BMS also integrates a Quality Management System (QMS), Information Security Management System (ISMS) and Health & Safety Management System (HSMS) for which Aspire are certified to recognised standards, including:

  • ISO-27001 Information security (UKAS)
  • ISO-9001 Quality Management (UKAS)
  • CHAS Health & Safety

ISO provides a process oriented approach to documenting and reviewing the structure, responsibilities, and procedures required to achieve effective Quality & Security management at Aspire.

This systematic approach drives us to work more efficiently without the necessity to lower Quality, Security or Safety standards.

ISO Accreditations

Our BMS is designed to give us effective, repeatable and quantifiable results.  It allows us to quickly integrate new-staff, and makes it easy for them to see their role within the organization and bring forth fresh ideas, thinking & contribution towards the healthy success of the business.

We have developed a simple model (illustrated) which demonstrates how the entire business integrates and how we ensure every element is driven to continuously improve.

Our policies and management systems are maintained because we believe that only by continuously reviewing and improving the quality of our services, do we maintain our competitive edge.  Told you Quality is a BIG word here at Aspire.

Service Delivery

Service Delivery

Service underpins everything we do at Aspire, best exemplified by this dedicated team.

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UK Data Centre Network

UK Data Centre Network

Aspire’s data centre network is the backbone of our cloud-based services.

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Life at Aspire and opportunities to join our team and grow.

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