UDC (Ultrafast Dedicated Connectivity) is the North East’s Full Fibre Gigabit Network delivering ultra-fast internet speeds to businesses and public sector customers across the region.

Available to organisations across Tyne & Wear, County Durham and Tees Valley, our full fibre UDC (Ultrafast Dedicated Connectivity) connections are delivered in partnership with Virgin Media.

We have invested over £6m to launch UDC and we offer dedicated bandwidth levels of up to 100Gbps (100 gigabits per second) which are some of the fastest connectivity speeds available in the UK. UDC is an ultra-low latency (<1ms), next generation leased line solution which enables businesses to scale their connectivity with their own private internet line.

At Aspire our vision is to deliver technology like no other. We know that choosing the right connectivity can be a challenge. Our connectivity experts are always on hand to advise you about the best solution and speed to meet your specific business needs.

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UDC is capable of meeting the demands of any North East business, both now and for the future:

UDC offer some of the fastest speeds, one of the most reliable connectivity services with extremely competitive pricing, guaranteed.

  • UDC leased line connections offer speeds of 10Mbps to 100Gbs and can be upgraded at any time. Contracts can start out small and as your business scales, your connectivity can scale with you.
  • Each UDC leased line connection is dedicated, meaning you don’t share your bandwidth with any other company or location.
  • UDC has symmetrical speeds, you will get the same ultra-fast speeds on both upload and download.
  • Should a fault ever occur, UDC comes with an industry leading fix time of 4-hours to ensure your business remains operational.
  • Because we own the UDC network, we are able to offer unbeatable pricing to North East customers.
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With over 250 customers already enjoying the benefits of UDC, from office buildings to schools and factories to Airports - we’re connecting North East businesses of all sizes across multiple sectors.

In 2020, Newcastle City Council chose Aspire’s UDC network to deliver 100gb full fibre connectivity to over 170 public sector and education sites across the region.

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At Newcastle City Council, we are committed to maintaining economic competitiveness and achieving social inclusion for our businesses and residents, having widely available, high-speed, affordable and reliable UDC connectivity is the enabler to helping us achieve this.”

Councillor Joyce McCarthy

Deputy Leader of Newcastle City Council

Advantages of UDC for your business



UDC is capable of delivering speeds from 10Mbps, to a staggering 100Gbps.



Unlike traditional broadband, a UDC connection is not shared with other customers in your area, the bandwidth is dedicated to you, meaning you can always rely on a consistent service.


Symmetrical Speeds:

Your upload and download speeds are the same, crucial for modern business customers consuming cloud-based applications and video collaboration.



Customers consuming solutions such as online back-up, Disaster Recovery and cloud hosting will benefit from <1ms latency.



UDC connections have a 99.9% uptime, with an industry-leading 4-hour fix.


North East Based support:

Whether you have a question or need support, our friendly North East based Service Desk is available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


‘World Class’ Service:

UDC is underpinned by our unbeatable Support Desk, best illustrated by our Net Promoter Score which averages +83, and is deemed ‘world-class’.


Competitive Pricing:

UDC supports North East customers, offering them the most competitive connectivity pricing in the UK.

Unsure which connectivity option is right for you?

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“Being a city centre location, the tech capability of our space was high on the agenda and Aspire was able to offer us their Ultrafast Dedicated Connectivity (UDC) product. This will enable Haylofts to offer tenants broadband speeds of up to 100Gbps”


Managing Director