Organisations across the public sector have seen an almost unprecedented acceleration of change in recent times.

Ways of working and models of service delivery have rapidly changed to adapt to the realities of our post-pandemic world, for example the introduction of hybrid working and the delivery of an increasing number of citizen services online.

Other challenges have included the increased need for collaboration and information sharing between public sector organisations and greater expectations from citizens regarding how their data is managed and secured.

Set alongside this, increasing financial pressures have placed further challenges on public sector organisations to make the right technology investments in order to deliver transformed citizen services more efficiently and realise wider organisational benefits such as estate rationalisation.

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At Aspire Technology Solutions we understand the challenges public sector organisations face and we have developed a broad range of technology solutions tailored to the needs of the public sector and available via fully compliant public procurement frameworks.

Tasked with delivering resilient, sustainable services with greater flexibility, public sector organisations are grappling with the challenge of accelerating digital adoption to support service delivery transformation whilst protecting citizen services and data from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

Climate change initiatives are also rapidly moving up the priority list for public sector IT teams, both in terms of reducing the carbon footprint of existing IT operations and the use of digital technology to reduce the overall carbon use of the wider organisation.

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For Aspire "Delivering Technology Like No Other" means always looking for new ways to deliver greater social value for the communities in which we operate, working in partnership with our public sector customers including: our education outreach programmes, our drive to Net Zero and our active participation in North East representative organisations including Invest North East England and Dynamo North East.

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Services that we provide to our public sector customers include:

Did you know you can now
access Aspire services through G-Cloud 13?

Did you know you can now
access Aspire services through G-Cloud 13?

Aspire’s services are available through a number of public sector frameworks including:

Framework / DPSScopeSector(s)LogoURL
CCS Gigabit Capable Connectivity DPSLayer 1 Dark Fibre Provision, Wholesale Unbundling, Gigabit Capable BroadbandAll Public SectorClick Here
CHIC Telecoms DPS 2Provision of Voice, Data and Mobile TelecomsPrimarily Housing but all can useClick Here
CCS Digital Outcomes 6Professional services engagements involving teams including Cyber Security, Service Management and Technical ArchitectsAll Public SectorClick Here
Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust – Ethical & Sustainable DPSIT managed services, telephony and networksPrimarily Education but all can useClick Here
FCDO Global Internet Services DPSProvision of ISP Services (UK & Western Europe)Primarily FCDO but Central Government and Executive Agencies can useClick Here
CCS G-Cloud 13Cloud-based products & servicesAll Public SectorClick Here
enFrameSchools ICT Framework – WAN & TelephonyPrimarily Education but all can useClick Here
CCS Cyber Security Services 3 DPSAn extensive range of cyber security services to help improve organisational cyber resilience and security postureAll Public SectorClick Here
Scottish Government FrameworkTelephony and Communication ServicesScottish Public SectorClick Here
Network Services 3Full range of WAN, LAN, WLAN connectivity and unified communications and contact centre solutions.UK Public SectorClick Here

“Aspire provide everything we need from an IT partner and more. They ensure that we have a secure network and effective management systems to run our business, this enables us to continue to provide the best service for our customers. From the outset, our experience of working with Aspire has been first-class. Everyone across the company is dedicated towards delivering a fantastic service”.


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