Privacy Policy

Aspire provide a wide variety of services to a wide range of organisations, in doing so we process data, a lot of data, some of which may contain personal information about the employees and customers of the organisations we provide services to.

Our lawful basis for processing such information other than when there is a legal obligation is legitimate interest, our interest in processing personal information is in the delivery of services for which there is a contractual agreement between Aspire and our customers.

When collecting or processing personal information Aspire play many roles, sometime we are the data controller, deciding the purpose of the processing, sometimes the data processor , processing on the instruction of a data controller and in some cases we are purely the receivers of personal information, we receive or have access to personal information, but do not process it.

Aspire Technology Solutions have created this policy to explain to any interested parties how and why we

  • Collect
  • Store
  • Process
  • Disclose

…any of your personal information we may need to process in delivery of our services to our customers.

Introduction and General Terms

Aspire is committed to protecting any personal information we may process in the delivery of services to our customers. This Privacy Policy relates to our use of any personal information we may process via some of the following services Aspire provide:

  • Aspire online portal
  • ISP Connectivity Solutions
  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • Managed services including: Realcare IT support, Hosted Voice & Telephony, services, Hosted Exchange services, Online Backup services

It also relates to our use of any personal information you provide to us by phone, SMS, email, in letters or other correspondence and in person.

In order to provide you with the full range of Aspire services, we sometimes need to process information about you, this policy explains the following…

  • What information Aspire may process about you
  • How Aspire may use information we process about you
  • When Aspire may use your details to contact you
  • Whether Aspire will disclose your details to anyone else
  • Your choices regarding personal information you provide to us.

Aspire are committed to safeguarding your personal information. Whenever you provide such information, we are legally obliged to use your information in line with all applicable laws concerning the protection of personal information, including the General Data Protection Regulations (these laws are referred to collectively in this Privacy policy as the “data protection laws”). All services provided by Aspire potentially hold an element of security risk, if you have any concerns that the accounts of services Aspire provide have been compromised, please contact our Service desk to report this as soon as possible.

Who are we?

Read about Aspire here

What information will Aspire process about me?

When your business participate in, access or sign up to any of Aspire’s services, activities or online content we may receive personal information about you. This can consist of information such as your name, email address, postal address, telephone or mobile number, gender or IP address, as well as information provided for the provision and use of Aspire provided services. (such as email address if we provide a hosted exchange service or telephone number if we provide hosted voice or telephony services, we also need to hold basic information such as name, email and telephone numbers within our CRM system for supporting services provided by Aspire)

How will Aspire use the information it processes about me?

Aspire may use your personal information for a number of purposes including the following:

  • to deliver the services we provide to you and your business,
  • to provide you with information about your services and to deal with your requests and enquiries in relation to your services:
  • to improve and provide you with the most user-friendly service experience.
  • for “service administration purposes”, which means that Aspire may contact you for reasons related to the service, activity or requests regarding additional services (e.g to provide you with password reminders, to notify that a particular service has planned maintenance, to notify you of updates to our privacy policy or general terms & conditions.)
  • to use IP addresses and device identifiers to provide services or to block disruptive use.
  • for analysis and research purposes so that we may improve the services offered by Aspire.

Where Aspire proposes using your personal information for any other uses other than in the delivery of services provided by Aspire we will ensure that you are notified.

When will Aspire contact me?

Aspire may contact you:

  • in relation to any service that Aspire deliver to you/your organisation, in order to ensure that Aspire can deliver the services. (e.g if you report a fault, or we determine a fault, we may contact you to investigate the issue further, Aspire may send you reports or information in relationship to services provided)
  • in relation to any correspondence we receive from you or any comment, feedback or complaint you make about Aspire products or services
  • to invite you to participate in surveys about Aspire services (participation is always voluntary)
  • to update you in any changes to Aspire policies and practices
  • for marketing purposes relating to services Aspire provide

Will Aspire share my personal information with anyone else?

Aspire will never share your personal information without your approval, except where disclosure is required or permitted by law (for example government bodies, law enforcement agencies or emergency services.), it is inherent in the function of the service being delivered (such as visibility of an e-mail address on a hosted mail service to other hosted service users) or as described below.

Offensive or inappropriate content

If you post, submit or send content which may reasonably be deemed to be offensive, inappropriate or objectionable anywhere on or to Aspire systems or websites or otherwise engage in any disruptive behaviour on any Aspire service, Aspire may remove and if applicable, report such content.

3rd party sharing

When there is a requirement for Aspire to share data with a 3rd party in delivery of a service, and this sharing has been approved by the Data controller as a requirement of the Service to be provided, Aspire will take appropriate steps to ensure the integrity of the 3rd party’s security.

How long will Aspire keep my information?

We will hold your information on our systems for as long as is necessary for the relevant service, or as long as is set out in any relevant contract you / your organisation hold with Aspire.

Can I delete my data?

Any requests to delete data that Aspire may process on behalf of your organisation (this is the organisation through which you have the relationship with Aspire) or that may contain personal information about you and is processed in the delivery of services provided to your organisation, should be made to the data protection officer of the organisation.

Can I find out what personal information Aspire holds about me?

I hope that the information provided has given a good understanding of the potential personal information Aspire may hold about you. If under the Data Protection Law you wish to request a copy of the personal information about you, that Aspire processes in the delivery of services to an organisation or business, the request should be made to the Data protection officer of that organisation or business.

Every individual does have the right to request this information direct from any business regardless of relationship. You have the right to request a copy of the personal information Aspire may hold about you and have any inaccuracies corrected. (we require you to prove your identity with 2 pieces of approved identification). We will use reasonable efforts consistent with our legal duty to supply, correct, modify or delete personal information about you on files that do not relate to or negatively impact a direct service in delivery and for which consent has previously been determined. Please direct any requests and questions to the following address . We will need two copies of forms of identification, which can include:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Driving licence
  • Birth certificate
  • Utility bill (from the last 3 months)
  • Current vehicle registration document
  • Bank statement (from the last 3 months)

Changes to Aspire’s Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time so you may wish to check it each time you submit personal information to Aspire. The date of the most recent revisions will appear on this page. If you do not agree to these changes or how Aspire process data containing personal information on behalf of your organisation, please liaise with the data protection officer of your organisation. If material changes are made to the Privacy Policy, for instance affecting how we would like to use your personal information, we will provide a prominent notice (including, for certain services, email notification for privacy policy changes.)

Contact Details

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, including any requests to exercise your legal rights, please contact us using the details below.

Aspire Technology Solutions
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Postal address: Pipewell Quay, Pipewellgate, Gateshead, NE8 2BJ
Telephone number: 0330 124 2701

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