One in three users experience data loss in cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365. Protect your 365 against data loss and online threats with Aspire’s Office 365 SaaS Protection.

Microsoft Office 365 is an incredibly powerful tool, giving users additional flexibility and increasing productivity.

We offer Office 365 SaaS Protection which is an easy and reliable way to secure your Office 365 against accidental or malicious deletion, as well as other cloud threats such as ransomware.

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Why is Office 365 Back-up insufficient?

While Office 365 does include primitive restore capabilities for lost data, two major issues arise when using their tools: lost data and lost time. An independent data backup separated from the app itself is necessary to avoid the most common data loss pitfalls.

Data Loss Due to Inactive Licences

As one would expect, an active Office 365 license is required to access data. Unfortunately, inactive user data is permanently deleted, and there is no rollback option.

Data Loss Due to Permanent Deletion

When a SharePoint Online administrator deletes a site collection, all data will be placed in the Recycle Bin where it is kept for 93 days. At that time, it is automatically deleted, with no rollback option.

Data Loss Due to Ransomware

Microsoft recommends 3rd party backup as the only way to recover from data loss associated with ransomware encryption.

Data Loss Due to App Outages

Uptime guarantees provide peace of mind… until an app outage occurs. Planning for the unexpected is key to recovering quickly should an outage occur.

Time Lost in Restoring Files

Contacting Microsoft Support for assistance with any data loss issue can be time consuming, and still may not result in restored files.

Data Loss Due to Accidental Deletion

When the Recoverable Items bin is purged, that data is deleted forever, meaning there’s a single point of failure for data loss.

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Why Aspire for Office 365 Back-up?


Point-in-Time Backups

Backups include 3 x daily snapshots of each user’s data, allowing you to browse through a user’s account at a specific point in time


On-Demand Backups

Perform additional backups as needed at any time. Running an on demand backup will not affect the three regularly scheduled backups


Infinite Retention

Store an unlimited amount of data for no additional fees


‘World Class’ Service

Services are underpinned by our unbeatable IT Support Solutions, best illustrated by our Net Promoter Score which averages +87, and is deemed ‘world-class’

What Aspire Office 365 Backup Recovers


One Drive

All files (including One Note) and folders with file structure intact.



All contact information (excluding photos).



Events (including recurrence, attendees, notes), attachments and any calendars owned by users.



All emails, attachments, notes and folder structure.



All Teams chats.



  • Primary, custom, group and team site collections.
  • Custom generic site lists.
  • Folder structure. Document libraries and sets
  • Site assets, templates, and pages.

“I'd deleted a folder with a lot of hard work in it. This was restored and was actioned quickly which I REALLY appreciate. So thankful”.

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