Stop cyber-attacks and web-borne threats with an additional layer of cyber security. Aspire’s web content filtering solutions give the control and protection that your business needs.

The majority of businesses allow their workforce to access the internet. However, most freely acknowledge that this resource is widely abused on a daily basis.

Without properly managing internet access and mitigating the threat of malware and phishing attacks, organisations are vulnerable to internet abuse. This may result in lost productivity, network infection, legal liabilities, increased infrastructure costs and the loss of sensitive information.

Aspire offers various Web Content Filtering solutions to give you the control and protection that your business needs. Whether it’s general HTTP/HTTPS traffic or DNS-based filtering, Aspire will work with you to implement a website filtering solution to ensure that the internet is used correctly and productively within your organisation and your users are protected against malware and other online threats.

Our Web Content Filtering services enable you to manage all aspects of your Internet Access Policy. Furthermore, because they’re delivered from the cloud, the platform is always up-to-date and there are no servers for you to install, manage or maintain.

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Web Content Filtering from Aspire - How It Works

Aspire Web Content Filtering is hosted from the Cloud and adds an additional layer of security, whilst enforcing company policies and procedures. It works by filtering all of your internet traffic and it will then block and allow websites and applications based on predefined policies to meet your organisation’s requirements.

Suitable for all organisation types and sizes and with flexibility to integrate with various technologies, such as Active Directory, Azure AD, Chrome and Firefox, Aspire Web Content Filtering provides industry leading content filtering to protect your infrastructure, workstations, mobile devices and users.

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Advantages of Web Content Filtering from Aspire


Internet and Application Controls:

Manage web applications (including leading social media applications) such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and more. Apply policies based on a wide range of criteria, including user, group, applications, postings and media transfer controls.


Widely Compatible:

Compatible with a range of server, workstation and mobile devices including support for Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS, Android and Chrome.


Global, Group and Per User Filtering:

Our Web Content Filtering solutions can provide filtering at a global, group and per user level with Active Directory and Azure AD support and integration.


Malware and Phishing Protection:

Zero-day detection of known malware threats such as viruses, spyware, phishing frauds and other forms of malicious code.


Granular Policy Management:

Define and manage web access policies based on username, groups, time, day and more. User-based rights allow you to personalise access based on IP address, user or group.


Customisable Productivity Alerts and Reports:

Generate reports to review internet activity on your network. Get insight into network traffic and information on specific requests, websites, allow/deny actions, users and more.


Protection Anywhere:

Maintain BYOD compliance and off network monitoring as devices are protected even when they are outside of the corporate network.


Zero impact on performance:

Our Web Content Filtering has no impact on performance, regardless of how many devices are connected.

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Why Aspire for Web Content Filtering?

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24/7 Support Team:

24/7 support team to keep your business operational at all times.

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‘World Class’ Service:

Our service is underpinned by our unbeatable IT Support Solutions, best illustrated by our NPS (Net Promoter Score) which averages +87, and is deemed ‘world-class’.

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With over 15 years working with cyber security for businesses, we can work with you to provide a complete security solution to secure your whole IT environment.

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Monitoring and Reporting:

Receive reporting and alerts on your environment showing security threats or web content and the action taken – whether it was blocked or allowed.

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