Aspire Collaborates with Hack The Box to Support Cyber Security Performance

A New Era of Cyber Security Performance

The Aspire SOC has teamed up with Hack The Box, the Cyber Performance Center with the mission to provide a human-first platform to create and maintain high-performing cybersecurity individuals and organizations. We aim to contribute towards the development of their new innovative series of Sherlocks.

Hack the Box’s goal was to create a new series of Sherlocks, based on real-world cases that can help organisations practice combating the latest cyber threats.

By leveraging Aspire’s SOC team’s extensive expertise, the collaboration has helped inform and deliver a security training platform like no other.


What are the Sherlock Investigation Labs?

Sherlocks is a dedicated category of defensive content within Hack The Box Dedicated Labs designed to elevate defensive skills.

Hack The Box’s Sherlocks content simulates real-world security incidents, allowing security professionals to hone their skills in a safe and controlled environment. These labs are tailored to address real-life incidents shared by leading Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), providing a practical training ground for security professionals.

Sherlocks consists of over 58 gamified investigation labs, each presenting varying levels of difficulty and realistic scenarios. The platform offers comprehensive learning content in digital forensics and incident response (DFIR), enabling users to improve their proficiency in security tools, technical analysis, and incident prioritisation.

The introduction of Sherlocks bridges the gap between offensive and defensive cyber security teams. This “purple team” approach encourages professionals to work together, fostering a broader understanding of the threat landscape and enabling both offensive and defensive teams to gain new skills.

An Exciting Partnership

Aspire’s Security Operations Centre Manager, Dean Wright, worked closely with the Hack the Box team, experiencing the value it brings to the cyber security community.

“It’s been great working with Hack The Box on this project. Knowing our work is helping other security teams combat similar threats is extremely rewarding. We look forward to continuing the partnership and supporting security teams across the UK and beyond.”

Follow the Journey with Aspire and Hack The Box

Aspire is delighted to be a part of this journey with Hack The Box. The collaboration represents a significant step forward in cyber security training, providing SOC teams with real-world intelligence to combat cyber threats effectively.

Follow Aspire and Hack The Box as we continue to work together to create new learning experiences together. With Aspire’s expertise and Hack The Box’s innovative platform, this collaboration is set to further empower the cyber security community.

For more information on Hack The Box, visit their website here. To learn about the HTB Sherlocks within Dedicated Labs, check out their blog here.

Looking to improve
your security posture?

Looking to improve
your security posture?

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