Aspire Achieves ISO 14001 Certification

We’re delighted to announce that Aspire has recently achieved the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification. This certification demonstrates our ongoing commitment to environmental improvement and our goal of achieving Net Zero.

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is an internationally agreed and recognised criteria for environmental management systems. It provides a pathway/framework that organisations can follow to set up an effective environmental management system.

Designed for any type of organisation, it assures a company’s commitment that environmental impact is being measured and improved.

This latest certification complements our existing ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems, and our ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certifications, solidifying our commitment to security, quality and sustainability.

Why did we strive for certification?

At Aspire, we’ve always strived for the highest standards, and achieving ISO 14001 underscores our dedication to environmental responsibility. Here’s what it means:

  • Environmental Impact: We’re deeply committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually enhancing our environmental performance.
  • Resource Efficiency: We’re actively working to use resources more efficiently, minimise waste, and promote recycling and reuse.
  • Compliance: We rigorously adhere to all relevant environmental laws, regulations, and requirements.
  • Continuous Improvement: We maintain a culture of ongoing improvement in environmental performance through regular assessments and audits.
  • Transparency: We openly communicate our environmental performance to our stakeholders, fostering trust and accountability.

Achieving the ISO 14001 certification underscores our commitment to sustainability. As a technology leader, we set high standards for environmental responsibility in our industry. Our dedication to sustainability aligns with our mission to delivering technology like no other; we are dedicated to putting technology to work to help our customers innovate, become more efficient and grow quicker. We are looking forward to a greener, more sustainable future!

We would like to extend a huge thank you to our Sustainability Network Group for their ongoing efforts in making a positive impact on our environment.

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