Aspire offers 12 months free connectivity to support North East businesses recover from pandemic

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Aspire Technology Solutions are delivering a major plan to boost business connectivity across the North East. The Gateshead based IT company have announced price drops of over 16.5% with nothing to pay for up to 12 months on their ultra-fast leased line connectivity.

The offer of support is available to businesses across the North East until the end of September.

Aspire have set ambitious plans for improving connectivity across the North East region and have recently invested £2.5m in the local infrastructure to launch their own full fibre network. Known as Ultrafast Dedicated Connectivity (UDC), the company provide internet connectivity of up to a phenomenal 100 gigabit per second (Gb/s), the fastest speeds available in the country.

Chris Fraser, managing director at Aspire said:

“Upgrading the North East’s digital infrastructure is now more important than ever before. The recent transition to home working following the coronavirus pandemic was abrupt, as businesses are embarking on their transition plans to return to the office, this will almost inevitably be a more drawn out affair. For many, this will be a hybrid of employees working between the home and the office. Being connected to a reliable network is crucial for businesses to remain productive during this time.

“We know how difficult the current climate is for businesses across the North East as they adapt to the new normal and we want to offer support where we can to help them to remain competitive. Our full fibre 100 gigabit-capable Internet allows businesses to take a huge step forward in their communication and cloud capabilities, ensuring they are fully future-proofed. Our reduced prices will enable local businesses to take advantage of world-class connectivity, at a time when it is most needed”.

Aspire are offering North East businesses the opportunity to benefit from 12 months free connectivity on a 5-year contract and 6 months free connectivity on a 3-year contract, with no up-front costs to pay.

The reduced rates include full support and are intended to help businesses remain connected, increase efficiency and improve productivity during the current climate. Businesses can choose from a range of connections to suit their needs, including speeds of up to 100Gb which are the fastest possible in the North East region. The offer will be available until 30 September 2020.

As part of the company’s commitment to reward customer loyalty, current customers will be offered special renewal rates to ensure all customers benefit.

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