How Copilot for Security Empowers Security Teams

When facing ever growing cyber threats, security teams require efficiency and precision from their security tools and like most areas of work, there’s an AI solution to help.

Needless to say, there’s no replacing the intuition, skill and experience of a security team. AI is no silver bullet, but in the right hands it can effectively help to eliminate benign and repetitive tasks, making life easier for security experts.

At Aspire, our Security Operations Centre has been utilising AI driven tools for a long time to help improve efficiencies and service, but without our skilled professionals managing and interpreting them, tools like this are entirely meaningless.

What Microsoft Copilot for Security does offer security professionals is bolstered capabilities, with AI-assisted defences that integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft security ecosystem.

Copilot for Security isn’t just another tool, it’s a solution that improves the capabilities of security experts with intelligent insights and guidance.


What is Copilot for Security?

Since the explosive introduction of mainstream AI, it’s a subject that’s on everyone’s radar. It’s no longer a buzz word, but a real driver of change and efficiencies in the workplace. From improving productivity to facilitating incredible customer service, AI is becoming more and more integral to everyday business.

At Aspire, we’ve utilised AI to deliver meaningful service improvements, working with vast amounts of data in whole new ways, to deliver a world-class customer experience.

Following the almost universal adoption of AI, Microsoft is one of the industry leaders paving the way AI is used for cyber security.

Last November, Microsoft introduced the power of AI with Copilot, their AI assistant that integrates seamlessly with organisational data and infrastructure.

From working with vast amounts of data to writing automated emails in your tone of voice based on those you’ve already sent; it showcased how integrating AI with existing platforms and data can take productivity to a whole new level.

From those origins, Microsoft have now applied the same principles to security, with the introduction of Microsoft Copilot for Security. The new AI platform integrates natively across the Microsoft security ecosystem.

Microsoft Copilot for Security is an AI-powered assistant designed to bolster the capabilities of security teams. It provides IT and security teams with the capability to:

  • Streamline incident response and receive remediation advice.
  • Provides the means to tackle cyber threats with unprecedented speed and accuracy.
  • Build and test new policies.
  • Analyse malicious scripts.
  • Get threat intelligence insights.
  • Create incident reports.
  • Identify devices that aren’t compliant with company policies or out of date.


The Core Functions

Copilot for Security provides crucial functions that enable security teams to proactively detect cyber threats and anomalous behaviour within their network.

Imagine having a bird’s eye view of potential threats, with a concise overview of security alerts for swift identification and prioritisation.

Add to this the ability to reverse engineer complex command-line scripts, enabling detailed analysis and understanding of potentially malicious scripts. These are not just services; these are the building blocks of a fortified security environment.

Integration with Microsoft Security Ecosystem

The power of Copilot for Security is amplified by its integration with key Microsoft security services such as Microsoft Defender XDR and Microsoft Sentinel. Copilot for Security strengthens the capabilities of these robust tools by improving their security data, signals, and incident management.

Furthermore, the platform offers embedded experiences within various Microsoft services, enabling users to leverage Copilot for Security’s capabilities seamlessly within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Copilot for Security also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 security applications, including Microsoft Intune. By enhancing productivity through advanced AI capabilities, it allows users to leverage its capabilities within the Microsoft ecosystem.

That’s where Copilot for Security shines. With both standalone and integrated experiences, it offers scalable security solutions that can be expanded to accommodate the needs of user environments.

Empower high-performing teams through 
digital transformation and support

Empower high-performing teams through
digital transformation and support

The Benefits of Empowering Security Professionals with AI

Embracing AI in cyber security offers several benefits, including:

  • Streamlining cyber security tasks by automating data collection, correlation, enrichment, and filtering.
  • Empowering teams of varying expertise by providing actionable guidance on incident handling.
  • Improving the response to threats at all organisational levels.

Adding AI to your security team’s efforts is like adding rocket fuel to your cyber security efforts.

The Benefits to Businesses

Adopting AI security tools can help businesses in a number of ways.

The improved efficiencies and effectiveness AI provides can have a notable impact on business performance and effectiveness of security processes.

Free up Team Resources

Cyber security and IT teams undeniably have a large task on their hands. Monitoring and managing the security of an entire organisation takes a lot of time and resource, which is why many companies choose to outsource cyber security to a Managed Security Service Provider such as Aspire.

But whether it’s an internal or external team making use of AI, its ability to eliminate repetitive tasks frees up employees’ time to focus their efforts on important and impactful tasks.

Faster Responses to Threats

AI-based security tools can identify and contextualise threats in real-time. By automatically escalating complex incidents to human analysts, AI reduces the time between detection and mitigation, therefore limiting damage.

With automated guidance and context of threats, Copilot for Security offers security teams the support they need to address threats quicker.

Adaptability to Evolving Threats

AI tools can quickly adapt to new security threats, leveraging machine learning to keep pace with the evolving cyber landscape. This adaptability provides businesses with a robust defence against emerging risks.

Microsoft Copilot for Security integrates with Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management, allowing users to keep pace with their external attack surface.


Empowering the Experts

Because Copilot for Security integrates with the Microsoft security ecosystem, it’s an extremely powerful tool for organisations that already use the Microsoft suite. It allows for advanced threat intelligence at machine speed, streamlines security workflows, and offers a customisable security experience.

Like every other AI tool, from productivity to collaboration, Microsoft Copilot for Security is not a standalone solution. It’s a tool to improve efficiency, accuracy, and performance. However, it still relies on skilled security professionals to correctly interoperate and act upon the information it provides.

At Aspire, our Security Operations Centre uses cutting edge AI driven tools daily to drive efficient and effective protection for organisations. By putting these tools in skilled hands, organisations can benefit from the increased efficiency they bring. If you would like to learn more about our world-class service, you can visit our managed cyber security service page.

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Empower high-performing teams through 
digital transformation and support

Empower high-performing teams through
digital transformation and support

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