G-Cloud 13 is now live – Everything you need to know

g cloud 13 explainer
g cloud 13 explainer

What is the G-Cloud 13 framework?

G-Cloud 13 is the latest (2022) digital services catalogue delivered by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS). G-Cloud 13 is the replacement for the previous version, G-Cloud 12, with updated suppliers and new product & service offerings.

The platform is designed to make it easier for public sector organisations to procure cloud-based computing services. This is because the platform consists of catalogue of thousands of cloud products and services that can be procured online, as opposed to running a full tender process.

The products & services available on G-Cloud 13 include:

  • Cloud hosting
  • Cloud software (SaaS)
  • Cloud support

By searching the catalogue of products & services offered by hundreds of pre-approved vendors, buyers can find the best service offering for them and award contracts directly, reducing buying time and whilst still achieving a best value procurement.

If a buyer finds multiple suppliers that meet their requirements, they can either award a contract based on price, or follow the M.E.A.T process, scoring against:

  • Whole life cost, cost effectiveness, price and running costs.
  • Technical merit and functional fit.
  • After sales and service management.
  • Non-functional characteristics

Buyers can only seek clarification from suppliers about their published Service Description and Pricing. They cannot run a further competition or negotiate on pricing

The biggest benefits of G-Cloud are:

  • Easier for buyers to find out about smaller suppliers who could best meet their requirements.
  • G-Cloud has sped up the procurement process & reduced the cost. For every £1 spent on the framework, £1 is saved.
  • G-Cloud has provided a standard basis for IT procurement.

G-Cloud Myths

Myth Reality
You still need to run a further competition on G-Cloud to be compliant Further competition or indeed any form of further negotiation is not allowed on G-Cloud, the buyer should be able to make an award following a compliant search & selection process
Suppliers’ prices are fixed on G-Cloud therefore can’t reflect best value For most common cloud products and services listed on G-Cloud there are dozens of supplier listings, which allows buyers to price compare and select the best value option
You can only enter into short term contracts on G-Cloud With the launch of G-Cloud 13, contracts can be up to 3 years with a further 1-year extension option
Suppliers can’t reduce their pricing Suppliers can’t increase their pricing and can often offer additional discounts e.g., for education
It isn’t always clear what you are buying Some suppliers’ service descriptions are better than others. All Aspire products and services listed on G-Cloud include comprehensive service definition and pricing documents which include details of the service, the onboarding process, the applicable SLAs, detailed case studies and pricing options


When is G-Cloud 13 coming out?

The G-Cloud platform is now live and accessible to customers. You can view the online catalogue and browse services from all of the suppliers who have registered their account and services.

This also means that G-Cloud 12 has now been decommissioned. So to ensure continuity of service, all customers should ensure they’re registered on the new platform as soon as possible.

All you need to do is simply create an account to gain access to the portal which you can do here: http://identify.crowncommercial.gov.uk/.

Aspire are an approved G-Cloud 13 vendor. Visit the G-Cloud 13 site to discover our available services. Alternatively, contact us directly to discuss your IT service requirements.

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