Aspire makes UltraFast Connectivity Available in Tyneside

Dan Sydes (UTC) and Chris Ellaby (Aspire)
Dan Sydes (UTC) and Chris Ellaby (Aspire)

Fast-growing, Gateshead based Aspire Technology Solutions have started the year with a £2m infrastructure investment in their North East operation which will allow them to offer Ultrafast Dedicated Connectivity (UDC) to businesses across the North East.

These new connections will offer regional businesses access to the fastest Internet connections outside of London, taking a huge leap forward in communications, future proofing them for decades to come.

Chris Ellaby, Head of Channel at Aspire explains: “We are proud to be able to offer this level of connectivity to businesses in the North East. The region has an ever increasing focus on tech business and we hope that our network can help underpin this by offering them speeds of up to 100Gb which can be scaled depending upon usage. The connections are dedicated, meaning that there is no shared bandwidth.”

North East Futures UTC is an early adopter of the new service. Dan Sydes, Principal of NE Futures UTC, said: “We are a college for the digital age, and as such our internet connectivity is critical. Our students expect us to be up to speed in delivering the modern education they crave, and part of that is having super-reliable and ultra-fast connectivity to the world through the internet.

“We deliver superb technical education to 14 to 19-year-olds, who will be the new generation of digital specialists. Therefore, we must deliver the tools they need to advance their careers. Internet connectivity is crucial to affording our students the best possible chance of learning about and understanding their place in the modern world of work. From my perspective, UDC is an absolute game changer for businesses and colleges.”

UDC is accessible to companies eligible for Government Broadband Connection Vouchers.

Chris Ellaby concludes: “This investment is further evidence of our continued reinvestment in the business. The focus at Aspire is to continue to upskill our people and improve our infrastructure. Our mission here is to develop increasingly innovative ICT solutions for businesses whilst continually improving our service provision to our customers, which is reflected in our current Net Promoter Score of 85+.”

Learn more about Ultrafast Dedicated Connectivity by clicking here or call Aspire today on: 0330 124 2700


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