Superfast Leased Line for Business - Affordable & Reliable

We’re partnering with CityFibre to bring you superfast and reliable leased line connectivity to your businesss. Our Ethernet Flex connection gives your business the connection it needs to fulfill it’s potential.

We can guarantee your business a massive 200Mpbs download and upload speed for just £199 a month. What makes this leased line service truly special is that it gives you the opportunity to burst your speed up to 1Gbps for free, whenever possible.

By splitting and continuing the connection to no more than 8 business premises, we can guarantee you a superfast, reliable and affordable lag-free connection with a 200Mbps minimum speed, as standard.

Request a quote from Aspire and we’ll compare leased line prices, finding you the best deals.

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Why Ethernet Flex?


Guaranteed lag-free superfast speeds of 200Mbps upload and download, with the ability to burst up to 1Gbps when possible.

Future Proof:

With more data being consumed than ever, Flex allows you to get ahead of the competition. In such a competitive market place, your small business needs every advantage it can get.


With unlimited usage we can guarantee no extra bandwidth costs. This means you won't get any unpleasant surprises when your leased line bill comes out.

World Class Service

Our services are underpinned by our unbeatable IT Support Solutions, best illustrated by our Net Promoter Score which averages +82, and is deemed ‘world-class’.