Opencast Improves Security System

Following rapid expansion, Opencast was faced with the task of streamlining its Information Security Management System (ISMS) to facilitate more efficient management.

Aspire delivered:

  • Information asset discovery and review
  • Mitigation recommendations
  • ISMS setup and configuration

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Strengthened Security Posture

Working with Aspire has elevated business continuity and employee security awareness through enhanced training.

Enhanced Reputation

Opencast can now present an industry-recognised certification, ISO 27001, demonstrating their commitment to information security risk management.

Improved Client Relations

Opencast is now equipped to effortlessly fulfil contractual obligations to third parties such as clients and insurers.


  • Sector: Software
  • Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Employees: 400+

Opencast is a fast-growing technology consultancy, headquartered in Newcastle’s Hoults Yard with recently opened office hubs UK wide.

The company has a strong culture designed to encourage its people to innovate, think independently and drive excellent results for its clients.

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The Challenge

Prior to partnering with Aspire, Opencast faced the task of managing its rapid expansion while simultaneously working to strengthen its security protocols. While maintaining robust security, the company sought to streamline its Information Security Management System (ISMS) to facilitate more efficient management.

The need for a comprehensive risk assessment process was also paramount to ensure the adequacy of existing systems in safeguarding the company, its employees, and clients against the escalating threat of cybercrime. Alongside these concerns, Opencast faced mounting requests from both current and potential clients for extensive evidence of its security protocols. Attaining ISO 27001 certification emerged as a pivotal goal to enhance Opencast’s contractual engagements and present an industry-recognised framework for information security risk management.

Aspire’s Solution

Aspire provided a comprehensive solution to Opencast’s security concerns, supporting them throughout the entire process from discovery to certification. Collaborating on a flexible timeline, Aspire ensured the implementation, review, and enhancement of recommendations in alignment with the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. The project encompassed multiple phases, including information asset discovery and review, threat modelling, risk assessment and treatment planning, mitigation recommendations, policy and procedure development, ISMS setup and configuration, internal security group membership, and audit preparation.

Opencast evaluated various security consultancies but ultimately found Aspire to be the best fit for their security goals due to factors such as cultural alignment, their knowledge and practical approach.

Customer Benefits

  • Infosec expertise and guidance
  • Compliance and certification to ISO 27001
  • Free pre-built tools and template documents

Aspire’s Implemented Solutions

  • Information asset discovery and review
  • Threat modelling
  • Risk assessment and treatment planning
  • Mitigation recommendations
  • Policy and procedure development
  • ISMS setup and configuration
  • Internal security group membership
  • Audit preparation.
Looking to secure your organisation?

Looking to secure your organisation?

Aspire's managed cyber security services can prevent, detect, and respond to threats 24/7/365.

Working with Aspire

The collaboration with Aspire led to Opencast achieving an outstanding security posture, facilitated by a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS) accredited to the ISO 27001 standard through external audit. This transformation has yielded substantial benefits for Opencast. The implementation of a fortified ISMS has not only bolstered information security but has also elevated business continuity and employee security awareness through enhanced training.

With a certified ISMS in place, Opencast is now equipped to effortlessly fulfill contractual obligations to third parties such as clients and insurers, streamlining its engagement processes. Notably, the audit yielded remarkable results, featuring no non-conformities and only six potential areas for improvement. Auditors praised the quality of the risk assessment and treatment tool provided by Aspire, hailing it as one of the best they’ve encountered. The ISMS’s well organised structure and content further enabled auditors to focus on evaluating content against the standard, resulting in a thorough and insightful audit process.

Aspire was a trusted partner whilst delivering Opencast’s ISMS. We were not only advised at the strategic level to ensure our ISMS supported our business objectives but also provided practical templates to expedite our progress.

David Sarginson, Head of Software Development, Opencast Software