As technology systems become more business critical, partnering with the right IT support and service desk partner has never been more important. Aspire offer IT support solutions guaranteed to meet your business needs.

IT support is business critical. Businesses need to ensure that their IT systems are proactively monitored and staff devices and desktop functions are accessible and latency free.

RealCare is Aspire’s IT support and service desktop product. Delivered by our technically-capable and friendly support staff, RealCare is available in different packages to meet your IT needs and business requirements.

RealCare IT Support is delivered during standard office hours 8am-6pm Monday to Friday, with 24/7/365 Support available via our in-house service desk.

Realcare Support Packages

Our Quick Fix Team are dedicated to achieving a first-time fix wherever possible, the team are devoted to keeping your users productive and your company moving. Our Service Desk also consists of dedicated Cloud, Networking, Unified Communications and 3rd line support teams so that your incidents and requests are always dealt with by a technology expert with the right knowledge and experience.

Our service delivery methodology has been 16 years in the making and is closely modelled on ITIL. Our data driven approach and customer feedback have led us to our current position with record positive feedback and over 99% of SLAs being met for over 12 consecutive months. This has led to us generating a world class +87 Net Promoter Score.

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RealCare IT Support: Our packages at a glance

Infrastructure Infrastructure & User Complete
IT Service Desk with 24/7 Systems Monitoring
Aspire Customer Portal
Dedicated Service Management
Backup & Anti-Virus Monitoring*
Cloud Infrastructure Support
On-premise Infrastructure Support
On Site Support
Access to Emergency Loan Equipment
End User Support
Devices & Workspace Support
24/7 Support
Software & New Machine Installs and Upgrades
On Site Engineer Days
Assistance with Security Vulnerability

*Aspire Backup and Anti-Virus is required for monitoring.

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"Polite and friendly, checked all my details thoroughly and solved the issue while I was still on the phone"

St Barnabas Hospice

Over 100,000 tickets resolved

87+ net promoter score

18,000+ users supported

96.3% of tickets resolved in SLA

Benefits of RealCare IT Support

Updated & Patches

Agents are ready to implement Microsoft and Windows Software updates and patches in real time. This means your organisation is never lagging behind.


24/7 Loan Equipment

Our emergency loan equipment will be delivered to you on the same day, meaning you're never offline when you customers need you most.

Aspire Virtual Desktop

State of the Art Service Desk

Our fully in house North East based service desk has over 90 agents ready to deliver world class support.

Aspire Customer Portal Icon

Data Driven Reporting

Highly accurate reporting through our dedicated management team means you're always aware of how well our support is performing.

Our RealCare IT Support will transform your business

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does your support work?

    Once your support ticket hits our service desk it lands with one of our specialised teams.

    Problems that we can solve in a matter of minutes go to our Quick Fix team. Here our specialised agents will work on your issue using a variety of methods. Advanced technology can let us connect to your desktop remotely and take control to resolve issues without you having to lift a finger!

    More complex issues are directed to our dedicated agents with expert knowledge of our Connectivity, Cloud and Unified Communications services.

    Depending on what problem you face our agents will use the same software as our Quick Fix team to access your desktop and resolve the issue.

    For problems on physical hardware our agents analyse output from state of the art sensory equipment to identify failures in lines or hardware. This technology can allow us to identify problems before they even arise on your end!

    Where issues with Cloud systems have occurred our team will access your infrastructure using our integrated systems to isolate and remedy the problem to restore your service to full working order.

  • How does my organisation transition to a new IT support provider?

    This aspect totally relies on the new support provider. Here at Aspire we have over 16 years experience in onboarding clients to our services.

    We ensure that we work seamlessly with your existing provider or existing support teams to gain a sure footed understanding of your current end users operations and infrastructure before undertaking any work.

    After this we follow our tried and tested procedures to ensure a smooth process and this allows you to sit back while we do all the legwork!

  • How does your 24/7 service operate?

    Our 24/7/365 service works in the exact same way that our standard support options do. Teams are set up in the same way, using the same methods and technologies to remedy your issues.
    Your tickets raised outside working hours will be handled with no delay and there will always be an agent beside a phone through the night for you to ring and talk things through.

    Some of our most experienced staff work on our 24/7 team to ensure our exceptionally high standards are always met!

  • How is RealCare billed?

    RealCare is billed on a monthly schedule. We charge you on a per user basis to keep things simple instead of opting for complex and frustrating usage based billing. The more users you onboard to our RealCare the cheaper it becomes. There is no upfront costs associated with our services!

  • Are visits by your engineers chargeable?

    With our RealCare Complete services on-site visits from even our most experienced engineers are completely free! For the remainder of our packages these visits will be chargeable. However, as a thank you for your continued faith in us we will offer these services at a discounted rate!